It’s gonna be May


Always funny

Let’s hope the last day of April means the last of these April showers! NOT a fan.

Look at these gifs showing how things are made! Mesmerizing…especially the camouflage helmet. It blows my mind!

I’m all about taking weird classes, but come on… “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Mugwort” sounds like something JK Rowling made up.

A touching reunion

This dance party exists in DC. Perhaps another reason to move there?

Bird divorce rates. Are you more of an albatross or flamingo? Or do you just think marriage is…wait for it…for the birds?

I want this shirt and this one too.

You say slow cooking is only for winter? I say, “What a CROCK!” I’m going to cook the hell out of this shrimp risotto and salsa verde chicken.

Or I could always just use my coffee maker like this weirdo.

Someone get him to the Puppy Bowl.

And get this hippo some Beano!

Smell ya later, friends! :-D


5 thoughts on “It’s gonna be May

  1. Lynda says:

    You’re hilarious. Poor divorced flamingos.

  2. Brianne says:

    Josh and I just read this entry and thoroughly enjoyed it. #1:45amonaMonday We should all own that “Hungry. Tired. Cold…” shirt. The hippo was DISGUSTING. And the albatrosses are an inspiration.

    • haha glad you enjoyed it! and i think we should definitely buy those shirts.. i wish i had it on right now.

      • DavidKipper says:

        Agreed. But I’m gonna make us shirts that says Hungry. Tried. Bored. HOT for this upcoming summer. Not looking forward to this humidity around the corner.

      • YES!! Good call. Except you won’t be wearing a shirt in the humidity. Just a bag of frozen peas on your head (that’s my go-to summer cure).

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